We are human

We humanize technology to decipher emotion and characteristics and predict human behaviour

We use machine learning to better understand human's feelings, emotions, characteristics and personality, with minimum human bias

We are human
Emotion Character

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We are human expertise

Recruiting & Employee Retention

Focus on who the candidate is in addition to what they know. Automatically screen candidates by emotional intelligence. Increase diversity with minimum human bias

Financial Fraud Detection

Screen for insurance claim and loan application fraud based on subliminal behaviour. Assess riskiness by personality

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Increase customer engagement and truly understand customer experience. Quantify customer service representative's success by emotion connection

Sales Prediction

Detect customers' emotion live. Profile customer characteristics and behaviour by personality. Predict purchase behaviour

Security Detection

Identify face among crowds. Alert caution emotion live. Prevent possible security breach

Professional Sports Intelligence

Detect potential players' characteristics and personality and the suitability for sports. Predict mental and emotion status before each game. Benchmark against the competitors

Dating EQ

Quantify dating partner's emotional intelligence. Profile characteristics and personality with empathy level

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Our Artificial Emotional Intelligence has equipped our clients to foresee opportunities and manage risks, enabling them wiser decision making