We founded Human in 2016
We are located in the UK, China and the US
Our team includes
data scientist, micro expression coder and psychologist;
Working together to build the next step in human-tech relationship

Yi Xu

CEO & Founder

  • Ex M&A investment banker, Credit Suisse
  • Ex European Finance News TV Presenter, Shanghai's State-owned financial channel

Robert Walecki

Lead Data Scientist

  • iBug human cognition research lab, Imperial College London
  • Research and publications on text-sensitive machine learning models for analysis of human facial behavior

Joseph Willingham

Director of International Strategy

  • Ex Head of Outbound Sales and Business Analytics at Neto
  • Cross-continental direct sales generation

Robert Williams

Psychometric Assessment Designer

  • Psychometric Assessment designer for IBM, BUPA, UN
  • Director, Rob Williams Assessment

Michael Ng

Data Scientist

  • Specialised in facial emotion AI
  • Experienced in face-related techniques including face detection, tracking and expression recognition

Nemanja Rakicevic

Data Scientist

  • Ex researcher at iBug, emotion recognition AI, Imperial College
  • Researcher on machine learning methods in robotics

Yuhang Huang

Software Engineer

  • Ex backend developer at London Stock Exchange
  • Bachelor in computer science at Imperial College London

Katariina Jalas

Board advisor

  • Ex Head of HR, EMEA Investment Banking, Credit Suisse
  • Executive Coach, Jalas Coaching

Mark Ellis

Micro Expression Coder

  • Non verbal communication assessor for executives, criminal investigations
  • Certified Facial Expression coding trainer, Paul Ekman International

Pablo Ettinger

Board Advisor

  • Co-Founder of CaffeNero
  • Serial entrepreneur and angel investor in tech sector